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" A brief history of these worlds and a glimpse at their inhabitants "

Planet: Archanos (Ar-kay-nose)

Local Species: Tarko Rust Worms

The planet Archanos was once a beautiful aquatic world.  Oceans covered ninety percent of the planet’s surface.  It was full of sea life and had intelligent aqueous beings that inhabited its great depths.  About a millennia ago there was an astrological disaster.  The planet’s sun died.  The result of the disaster was the creation of a wormhole in the place of Archanos’s sun. The wormhole could have been a portal to a new galaxy for the planet’s inhabitants.  Unfortunately, the wormhole expels ruthless plasma flames that made travel impossible.  Over a matter of just days, the planet’s surface dried, leaving nothing but desert and killing the majority of its inhabitants.


Only a few survived and evolved to exist on this barren planet.  One of those creatures is the Tarko Rust Worm.  The Rust Worm is a
vicious creature that burrows itself in the planet’s sand dunes.  There, it lays and waits for a rare and unsuspecting meal to walk within reach of its attack.  Though the planet is barren, travelers still visit its surface.  Most of these travelers are pirates, hunters, and deplorables who only come to plunder the treasures left behind by Archanos’s mysterious past inhabitants.

Planet: Teabsha (Teeb-sha)

Local Species: The Najin

The planet Teabsha is a beautiful planet with lush vegetation, roaring waterfalls, and lots of life.  The climate on Teabsha is mostly hot to warm with lots of humidity.  Teabsha once had two highly intelligent species that inhabited its surface.  These species were the Mujaku (Moo-jock-ew) and The Najin (Naw-jen).  The Mujaku, described as hairless monkeys, were a warring society that were always in some sort of conflict.  They cared about no one but themselves.  The creatures would kill anything (including their own) in in order to climb to the highest and richest tiers of their society.

The Najin on the other hand were a peaceful species that wanted nothing more than to co-exist with the other creatures of the planet. They were scholars of medicine, science, technology, and even magic.  For years the Najin kept the armies of the Mujaku at bay.  Being a peaceful people, they had heavy defenses but no offense.  Eventually the Mujaku broke through the defenses of the slaughtered most of the Najin.  The ones who were spared became nothing more than the Mujaku’s slaves.

As time passed, the Mujaku became lazy.  After two hundred years of captivity the Najin saw an opportunity to free themselves of their masters.  The Najin rose up and crushed every last Mujaku on the planet.  Because of years spent in harsh captivity the Najin had lost most of their advanced intelligence that they held so dear in the past.  Generations came and went while the Najin were unable to pass down their knowledge.  This along with a lust for vengeance against the Mujaku, the Najin became what they most distained – a warrior race.

Planet: Kartonbur (Cart-on-ber)

Local Species: The Basheen

The planet Kartonbur is a frigid world, covered in ice and snow.  Kartonbur has several native species that inhabit the planet.  All of these species are of lower intelligence.  Recently a species from another planet found their way to this tundra planet in the far reaches of its galaxy.  This new invasive species is the Basheen.  The Basheen fled their home world after sucking all of its resources dry.  They decided to venture off into space and came across Kartonbur which was similar to their home world.

The Basheen of are a society of mineral miners.  They harvest what they can from worlds they conquer in order to support themselves and build more ships for their mining fleet.  Any excess materials they have mined tend to get sold to other societies for a great profit.  Despite their funny looks, the Basheen are an unfriendly society unless engaged in some kind of trade negation.   They usually keep to themselves and spend their time robbing their newest planet of it natural resources.



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